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      Masterbatch industry: the day "good"

      Industry in the industrial chain, most enterprises are small and medium enterprises, look at the two significant featuresavailable from the masterbatch industry, in China's industrialeconomic slowdown, masterbatch industry seems to be more susceptible to the upstream and downstream of the man,more likely to exhibit a difficult side. However recently in AnhuiMount Huangshan held in 2012 the national colouring of plastics and masterbatch, and academic informationexchange meeting, the reporter heard the word most is"industry is still good." Masterbatches industry in our countryto steady growth in output in recent years at the same time, in the innovation and development aspects of the strength has been greatly enhanced. Then, in the global economic recovery is sluggish, masterbatch industry is how to reflect the "good"? The reporter interviewed.

      The present situation of the concept --

      Industry development

      Color masterbatch is a mixture of pigment, carrier resin,dispersing agent and other additives, are widely used inplastics, chemical fiber products. Color masterbatch in Chinarelated enterprises on the Internet can be found with more than 4000 enterprises, these enterprises as a link, theupstream of synthetic resin, Yan (dye) material, dispersantand its downstream plastic products, textiles and otherconnected together, become a bridge between the primaryraw materials and daily necessities. Therefore, changes in the macroeconomic situation, must from more than one sideeffect of coloring masterbatch industry.

      The specific point of view: plastic products export decline inexternal demand, the market serious atrophy, downstream customers and export related masterbatch enterprises will be affected; the automotive industry are no longer in the hot market, the real estate industry boom index continued to fall,will be affected by the demand of plastics, construction plasticand plastic pipe, profile, sheet metal, wire and cable, fabric on the color masterbatch for related car prices, dispersing agent,pigment; additives caused masterbatches enterprise raw material cost increases, at the same time, in order to meet the domestic and foreign various laws and regulations, the enterprise product testing costs there is increasing, more andrising labor costs and other factors. In such a situation, "not bad" conclusions regarding the color masterbatch industry seems very precious, and this is also reflected in the stable development of the industry for many years.

      In order to match the color masterbatch Masterbatchprofessional standards review committee, this year launchedmasterbatch Committee of experts, the first batch of 11experts are from national masterbatches enterprise. A 2012National Plastic Color Masterbatch, technology and academicinformation exchange meeting, the leaders as members of the first committee of experts issued a certificate. (Li Ming.)

      China Dyestuff Industry Association Professional Committee of masterbatch chose the most tracked years more than 200color masterbatch business representative, can developmentperspective on China's Masterbatch industry trace the development of these enterprises. According to statistics,from 2005 to 2008, China masterbatch industry has achieved rapid development, the annual output from 250000 tons to 500000 tons, since 2008, in did not Ping Yibo economicturmoil, masterbatch industry into the stable development period, the steady growth in production, the annual outputhas reached 650000 tons.

      In addition to the industry to expand production scale, the enterprise strength is enhanced, the annual output of 10000 tons, annual output value of billions of dollars of enterprises is increasing year by year. For example, Guangdong Unitednew Mstar Technology Ltd spend heavily in the introduction of a number of the world's most high intelligent automaticcolor masterbatch production line, the two phase of the project put into production will reach an annual output of 60000 tons scale; Zhejiang new material limited company, to create a new chemical fiber masterbatch production base, the first phase of the project 30 production line has 14production, 2 project after the completion of 60 production lines, annual production will reach 60000 tons; Suzhou Baoli plastic materials Co., Ltd. in 2011 chemical fiber masterbatchproduction reached 16000 tons, the output value 360000000 yuan, to become the nation's largest chemical fibermasterbatch production enterprises.

      Understand according to the reporter, last year, 17 annual output of more than 10000 tons masterbatches enterprisetotal output reached 229000 tons, accounting for 35% of total production industry, 63 annual output of 3000 to total output of 8000 tons of enterprises reached 270000 tons, more is to reach the total production of the 43% industry. At present the whole industry, annual output of more than 1000 tons ofenterprises reached 176, the output accounted for 95% of the industry, large and medium-sized enterprises is increasing.

      China Dyestuff Industry Association chairman Wang Zhuo think, at present, our country masterbatches industry subject to changes in the macroeconomic situation of the impact is very small, production and sales continue to maintain growth,the overall development of the industry. "". In

      Future --

      A vast market foreground but period

      For the future development of the industry, the industry isgood, have said, many aspects in the industry is from the establishment of standard, apply for the customs code,division of industry belongs to, and actively promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry, but also with the increase of industry R & D capability, application scope,market foreground but period.

      In the fierce market competition, new technology, new equipment is a magic weapon masterbatch business.Guangdong United new Mstar Technology Ltd in 2011 to introduce a global most advanced high-speed automaticproduction line mixing equipment, advanced performance,stable product quality, good to meet the market demand. At present, the company has become the largest producer and exporter of white masterbatch. For equipment operating personnel are adjusting process parameters. (Duan Wenyong.)

      The first is the establishment of industry standards.Understand according to the reporter, masterbatch industrywill today

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